1. Heather

    Oh my, yes!! I love our bed. We have always welcomed our children in our bed. As babies, I nursed them there. As toddlers and littles they were there during storms, after nightmares or simply when they wanted us close. As teens and college students our bed has been a spot of comfort during breakups and for sharing the challenges of friendships or school. I think of it as a cocoon for my family. But, we also need a new one! This bed is 15 years old and the memory foam does not work well with the hot flashes. 😊

    • Laurie Stone

      Laughing about the hot flashes, Heather. Glad we’re not the only ones who have bed as such a central part of our lives. I’m not sure there’s anywhere more nurturing. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hey, maybe you and I actually had “memory foam” mattresses before they were a thing! My bed, too, is a big keeper of memories for me, decadent breakfasts in bed, snuggling with a baby and a dog or two, a welcome reward after a hard day and a place of refuge from life’s heartbreaks. I adore the pillowtop mattress we have now. True confession, I actually say aloud “I love my bed, I love my bed so much” when I get in at night. My husband says he wishes I got as excited about who was IN the bed with me! 🙂

    • Laurie Stone

      Laughing, Lee. I’m sure you’re also excited by your bed companion! I must confess, it took several nights to get used to “Memory Foam” and then I grew to love it. I agree though. At first it was like sleeping on concrete. I much prefer the pillow top.

  3. I LOVE this post—-I feel the same way about our bed. So many memories……some good, some not so good. I now have a new memory foam mattress and I always joke that this bed loves me—hugs me and doesn’t want me to get up in the mornings!

  4. We just bought our third mattress too Laurie. I love my bed so much I have separation anxiety throughout the day, only relieved by the embrace of my friend Serta at about 10:00 each night. I have my first cup of coffee each morning with Serta and on weekends I stay for my second cup. It’s a great give and take relationship – her giving and me taking. Loved your post.

    • Laurie Stone

      Molly, we sound like true soul sisters. I have the same relationship with the bed in my life. I need to touch base with it as often as possible. Thanks for reading!

  5. I’ve not had much opportunity to fall in love with a bed – having been in so many! No, naughty ideas now, Laurie. It’s just that I’ve moved a lot as a child and a young adult. And post marriage too, we’ve bed hopped. 😉

    • Laurie Stone

      Corinne, I was getting intrigued by all the bed action!… lol. Yes, we’re pretty boring on the bed front, come to think of it. Just one bed every 20 years? What’s the matter with us?

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks Beth. Our bed just arrived and yes, we’re still getting adjusted to it. We’re used to all the old bumps and lumps. A smooth, firm mattress feels strange. Thanks for reading!

  6. After reading this, I realize I need a new bed! It’s amazing how much time we spend on our bed. I’m usually watching TV or reading in my bed. I, too, have had many one on one intimate talks with my kids from the comfort of my bed. I didn’t realize it was that much of a thing until I read this. Nice thoughts Laurie!

  7. We love our bed but it’s so difficult picking out just the right one! Last year we moved into my parent’s house and had to make use of the adjustable bed base that was already in the room (moving it would be like moving a building!). We got a new mattress for it but still don’t love it although we’re slowly getting used to it.

    • Laurie Stone

      Renee, We were both like Goldilocks, looking for something not too hard or too soft! So funny, and a nice relief to find something we both loved.

  8. Our bed is our ‘visting place’ as well!
    Our first bed was a slab of granite I had ‘borrowed’ from my parents house when I went away to school. It lasted until my second pregnancy. (Well, it’s probably still out there somewhere-just as hard and unforgiving as ever!) That’s when we bought our beautiful Beautyrest. Which, after twenty-five years and six kids, became known as ‘Old Lumpy’. O.L. was replaced by King Beautyrest, (Yes, we were both larger people. We needed the space.) and is now home to two grandparents and seventeen grandkids. Fortunately not all at once.

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