1. This was great.

    I’m not there yet. My sister orders cat food and kitty litter from Amazon, which I think is weird.

    Oh, we do have a cat. If we didn’t have a cat, then it actually be weird.

    Someday, I’ll make the jump. Maybe I live too much day-to-day to order dinner online still.

    • Laurie Stone

      Nasreen, I’m ordering so much more online than I ever intended. Life (and Amazon) work in mysterious ways. Thanks for reading.

  2. I have come across this post at exactly the right time!

    Here in Canada, we don’t have as many delivery services. Add to that, we live in the woods, so grocery store chains are simply not interested in taking the journey.

    However, since moving here, I’ve been wandering aimlessly in search of a store that sells the bras I like to wear. I haven’t found one, but reading your post made bells go off. I have just found a store that will deliver exactly what I want! (And let me say, it’s just in the nick of time!)


    • Laurie Stone

      Yay for you! To have anything delivered has become my saving grace. If I don’t have to schlep through another store, I’ll be very happy. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’ve started ordering my groceries online just to avoid the grocery shopping with my four year old and baby. I order online and then do click and collect which is free. It just means going to the front of the shop and someone wheels it out to me, it’s great.

    I must have a weird body shape or something bc all my attempts at clothes shopping online have failed!

    • Laurie Stone

      Rebecca, Ordering groceries online changed my life. So glad I never have to actually go into supermarkets much anymore. Thanks for reading!

  4. I hear you! And yet, part of me wonders if we’re becoming like the people in WallE–the movie. Very little human and physical interaction! But I shop like you do:).

    • Laurie Stone

      Nothing would surprise me, but of all the new-fangled things in this world, less stores is fine with me.

  5. What grocery store do you order online from? I didn’t realize you could do groceries and I get everything online considering that we have been carless for quite some time now. Btw i have a Amazon Store on my page if you dont have one mine could use some love lol. 😉

    • Laurie Stone

      Jamie, I live in Connecticut and use Stop & Shop. Its very good. Once I got hooked, I couldn’t go back. Thanks for telling me about your Amazon page. I’ll check it out.

  6. I was ordering groceries online particularly when I was very pregnant and getting out to shop was exhausting. Now that I can get out of the house to go shopping WITHOUT bringing the kids with me, I don’t mind as much. I will admit that shopping is repetitive and boring.
    Staying in the house too much, not good either.
    At present, I prefer a hybrid method where I can stock up on all sorts of non-perishables online but still pick up my meat and veggies fresh.
    When it gets cold and snowy, this too may change!

    • Laurie Stone

      Gloria, That’s a good compromise, and one many people do, including myself. I also like buying the “fun” things like fresh produce and all things touchable. Thanks for reading.

  7. I have an Amazon Prime account. I shop there first. Except for work clothes. Then I shop Loft because their clothes fit me and I know what size to buy. If my husband didn’t love grocery shopping, I’m sure I’d buy my food online, too.

    • Laurie Stone

      Peggy, A husband who loves grocery shopping? God bless him. He’s a keeper. Thanks for reading!

  8. Hi Laurie,

    I love this idea! I despise shopping in stores and thus have mafe Amazon Prime my best friend. I anxiously await being able to order groceries online and have them delivered!

    Thx for sharing!


    • Laurie Stone

      Bren, Having groceries delivered online is awesome, something I initially resisted. Now I can’t live without it. Thanks for reading!

  9. It is so bad around here. I live about five minutes from the grocery. But with work and child and life and 100° heat – – I Instacart all the damn time 🙂

  10. I am with you. Other than the groceries – which I would love to try doing – I buy a ton of stuff online. I am not store-averse, but I find that online the size, color and style selection is much better. Although, I did find 2 really wonderful things at a little boutique this weekend that i never would have found online – so sometimes you have to get out!

    • Laurie Stone

      Sharon, I also love the little boutiques. Its a very different experience than the big-box stores which I avoid. Thanks for reading!

  11. I actually like to shop for some things: clothes, produce, shoes! But I agree, I never have to shop for paper towels and shampoo again. Grocery stores make me nuts, hate them, drug stores, can’t stand them. I do appreciate making “friends” with people in bodegas and other little stores in Manhattan, where I live. I’m not a big online shopper. Not clothes for sure, I like to feel and try on, plus I do research for my blog. You’re absolutely right about retail stores changing and closing, and in my opinion it’s a good thing. Sounds like you have found your shopping groove, enjoy the time you save.

    • Laurie Stone

      Anita, Thank you, and I agree with what you say about that sense of community in little, neighborhood stores. Alas, they’re becoming more and more rare in my neck of the woods. We’re being taken over by the chains.

  12. Since I run an online company, Bless you Laurie! Here is the irony, I love to shop, so except for cat food I am a hit and miss online shopper! When I first started my company I was told by an old women’s wear buyer that women would never buy sleepwear or shoes on line! HA!!

  13. This is a double-edged sword for me. I love to shop online because I can’t stand crowds, long lines or trying things on. But, my husband and I once had a chocolate shop that suffered from people not coming out to buy things. They would show up for the holidays and exclaim over how nice it was to have a shop like ours to buy high-end chocolate for gifts. But then never show up at any other time of the year. These were the same people who complained the most when we said we were closing.

    • Laurie Stone

      Jennifer, I can’t imagine running a real store these days. It must be so hard when everything is so deliverable. I’m sorry about your chocolate shop. It sounds like a fun place!

  14. I hate shopping with a passion and have fallen in love with delivery, but I haven’t done it with food shopping yet only because the hubby does it. My daughter has twins though and uses the grocery pickup all the time. I was so happy this year that I did all of my Christmas shopping online and I enjoyed the holidays SO much more! It’s funny there is a grocery store that closed down here in our town and I feel guilty every time I see it!

    • Laurie Stone

      Rena, I also did all my Christmas shopping online and it was great. I sat in the living room with my laptop in front of a fire. It was awesome. I also feel guilty when I see closed-down stores. Maybe its just a sign of the times.

  15. My heart very often immediately goes to THE OTHER–the people who work at the store, the delivery men, the butchers, the saleswomen. They will lose their jobs. Not all of them will. But many. My convenience might become their inconvenience. AND I think it’s good for us, me especially with children raised, to GO OUT, be with other people, talk to folks in stores etc. YES, malls will close. But the community of SHOPPING would be sad to eliminate. It’s not all good, but it has much to offer in the mingling of peoples. Which as a nation we need to do more of.

    • Laurie Stone

      Interesting point, Beth. I never thought of it that way. There are certain stores I like, especially the smaller ones. Wish so many weren’t these big box stores, which I have to admit, I avoid like the plague.

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