1. This is very touching, Laurie. I'm not ready to even think about when the parents aren't able to get around on their own anymore. But the day is not that far away.

  2. you are such a great writer Laurie. another beautiful piece. as you can imagine, this one had me particularly emotional.

    I can identify personally with many of the feelings you brought up in this piece. but mainly the idea that it's quite easy to be a good daughter when you're blessed with such a good father. you made me realize that I've never had to question for a moment whether my dad loves being my dad. and I love being his daughter! you know him well – he's smart, thoughtful, hilarious and hardworking. we are two lucky daughters without a doubt ♡ 🙂

  3. Thanks Karen. Its human not to think of our parent's aging, especially if they're still healthy. My Dad's illness has been gradual. I can't decide what's harder. Seeing a parent go very fast or very slow.

  4. How wonderfully you paint the picture and make easy for us, the amazing relationship you continue to grow with your dad, Thank you for your tenderness and for your love. I'm so proud to call you my friend.

  5. Beautiful post. Your father sounds like a wonderful man.

    I think I got a lot of my love of the outdoors from my dad – he’s in his late 70’s now and after retiring from the Navy and while having a good 2nd career of teaching math to junior high school kids in Hawaii, he took up hiking – loves it, weather permitting, there’s hardly a week that goes by that he doesn’t get out with his hiking club – and he is not the one that everybody has to wait for, either. I joke that he’s going to live to be a hundred if he doesn’t get knocked off a cliff by a mountain goat – and I hope that’s true! 🙂

    • Laurie Stone

      Yes, Bonnie. I hope your Dad says away from cliffs and mountain goats! Sounds like you have a wonderful father.

  6. Wow…this is such a touching post. I am one of two daughters and my sister passed away in 2015, so I feel such a strong connection ( and responsibility) to my mom and dad now that I am the only daughter left (I have four brothers). I agree with you 100% that being a good daughter starts with having a good dad ( and mom). I am so very grateful for my dad and that he is still around being the best dad ever…to me.

    • Laurie Stone

      Wow, Darlene. So sorry about losing your sister. That must be so sad. Sounds like you have a great family and are there for each other.

  7. I am a daddy’s girl but seeing him age has been hard. Being there for him when he has been hurt or ill has given me a sense of pride and live.

    • Laurie Stone

      Andrea, I feel I got to pay back so much love and kindness my father gave me my whole life. I was happy to help during his very difficult final years.

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