1. I'm the worst with scary movies! I get nightmares for years 🙂 I remember being asked out on a date – not a regular occurrence for me – and I said yes, even though it was to a horror movie. I spent almost the entire time hiding in the bathroom!

  2. I used to love watching scary movies. My favorite of all time is the shining. I will still watch it if I see it while flipping through the channels. Would love to watch that with my daughter one day, although she has not seen many scary movies in here 14 years. Also enjoyed the Alien trilogy of movies. These days I don't do as well watching the scary movies. Haven't watched any of the newer ones in their entirety in the past 10 years. Makes me too jittery. I just find myself putting my hands over my eyes when I think something is going to happen. lol Of course I used to love riding the scariest amusement park rides all day long and I can't do that anymore either. Funny how we change over the years.
    This was a great piece Laurie.

  3. Thanks so much, Erik. Yes, "The Shining" still traumatizes me. I don't think I've been able to sit through the whole thing. I admire your earlier roller coaster bravery. Never been on one in my life!

  4. I love scary movies and books, and anything about zombies or the supernatural. My older son does, as well, and we both sleep like babies. I do wake up at 3 am and worry, about work, about the kids, my mom's health. Sometimes I'll remember that movie about the doll (I took my kid to the theater for that one, and had to sit five rows back while he watched it with his friends) and if I let myself, I could freak out about it, I suppose. But I've always been able to change the subject in my head. It's harder for me to keep from dwell on the everyday stuff at that time of night.

  5. I agree about the everyday stuff at 3:00 a.m. In the end, that's scarier than creepy dolls because it impacts our lives much more. Still, I admire your resilience when it comes to scary stuff.

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