Where Do You Find Peace?

Young female meditate in nature
Guru Deepak Chopra has struck again.  I saw one of his videos the other day which taught me something so simple, so easy, and yet so vital, I was amazed.  At first I didn’t believe such a simple act could work, but it did.

Lately I’ve had trouble shutting out the world.  Each day we’re bombarded with not only our problems but the planet’s.  I’m hooked into too many devices with too much multi-tasking. 

I’ve been longing to escape my over-fed, too-busy brain, this brain that can’t stop THINKING.   

That’s where Deepak Chopra comes in who has helped me before.  A few days ago I saw his video (on Facebook, of course), which offered a solution. Go within to find peace, he said.  Find a quiet place and close your eyes.

I sat back at my desk pondering this.  Could it be that simple?  Just getting quiet?  Just closing my eyes?  Why not, I thought.  What did I have to lose? 

I found a quiet spot in my bedroom, my favorite place in the house.  I sat cross-legged on my bed, closed my eyes and grew still. 

I started hearing sounds I’m usually too busy to notice – the wind rustling the birch trees, my cat’s paws on the carpet, and the beep-beep of a truck backing up somewhere along the road.  Gradually I began to relax.

Soon I was able to access a part of my mind I don’t visit often, a silent part, the part that simply observes.  Deepak calls it awareness, the being in all of us that lies beyond thought, worry and activity. Everything grew still and peaceful.  My breathing deepened.  Could this be the soul, I wondered?  And is what I’m doing meditation?

After twenty minutes, my heart rate slowed, a miracle for someone so nervous and high-strung.  The feeling was like returning to a secret room that’s been in my home all along, but I rarely enter.

When I finally opened my eyes it felt like I’d taken a vacation.  I saw life more acutely. Senses were sharper – the notes on my son’s guitar sounded sweeter, the sight of a red cardinal outside looked brighter, and the smell of Easter lilies in the kitchen more fragrant.  Its like I had stepped out of my life and re-entered.  I vowed to do this more often.    

Since then I try and carve a space each day to simply be.  Do I succeed?  Not always.  Old habits die hard.  I’m still a slave to my devices.  I still over-think.  I’ve also learned not to try the closed-eyes technique early in the morning since I’ll fall back asleep.  Still, knowing the problem is halfway to solving it.  More and more, I’m learning to unplug from my life.  I’m learning to find that secret room we all have, but seldom enter.   I’m learning to simply sit back and close my eyes.

Where do you find peace?  Comments are always welcome.  Thank you for reading and sharing…


  1. I am going to have to try this technique. I am just back to work this week, and I can already feel my anxiety kicking in. My go to for finding peace has always been nature, be it the sea or the mountains.

  2. I also love nature for finding peace, that's probably ideal. Its nice to have an indoor technique that can be found anywhere, as long as you can get a few moments of quiet, not always easy in my house!

  3. My husband and I started doing a lot of walking on a bayou pathway near us and I am surprised that now I look forward to our walks. It's some nice quiet time and there's usually some wildlife doing something. It's nice.

  4. There's nothing more soothing than nature. I always feel better when I go for a walk outside. Sometimes I'll just sit and listen and that puts everything in perspective.

  5. I’ve just had some hypnotherapy and now I actually believe I can relax! I find relaxing to the person’s voice really effective which I have on my MP3. I can find relaxing to music can feel lonely to me. I do know what you mean about the world getting in. I like your blog.

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