1. I am going to have to try this technique. I am just back to work this week, and I can already feel my anxiety kicking in. My go to for finding peace has always been nature, be it the sea or the mountains.

  2. I also love nature for finding peace, that's probably ideal. Its nice to have an indoor technique that can be found anywhere, as long as you can get a few moments of quiet, not always easy in my house!

  3. My husband and I started doing a lot of walking on a bayou pathway near us and I am surprised that now I look forward to our walks. It's some nice quiet time and there's usually some wildlife doing something. It's nice.

  4. There's nothing more soothing than nature. I always feel better when I go for a walk outside. Sometimes I'll just sit and listen and that puts everything in perspective.

  5. I’ve just had some hypnotherapy and now I actually believe I can relax! I find relaxing to the person’s voice really effective which I have on my MP3. I can find relaxing to music can feel lonely to me. I do know what you mean about the world getting in. I like your blog.

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