1. I've been tempted to just move and not bring ANYTHING with us and start with a totally clean slate. And I can't blame the husband for all the clutter and mess, it's mainly me! You know how you hear/read that everything needs to have a "place" in the home? Well I never have found the starter home for most of our junk and I do believe that's the problem.

  2. Thank God you two balance each other out. I sometimes wonder what would happen if a husband and wife were both pack-rats! Now that would be challenging. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. There are few things that I feel any type of sentimental attachment to, and when the mood strikes (or clutter overwhelms) I can easily load up multiple bags for donation. My husband, on the other hand, insists on keeping everything he has ever owned throughout the entirety of his life. So I send him off on guys' weekends a few times a year, and he comes back none the wiser to what has gone missing…

  4. Jan Fish-Brown

    Laurie, I totally get you. When I sold my house in Westport, after everyone took everything too precious to leave behind, I hired a company to clear out the rest. 13 truckloads and $2000 later the house was cleaned out. Note to Randy, no matter how much you cherish the newspapers/magazines with Man Walks on the Moon, everyone you ever knew also thought they would be of value and has them stashed in their “where ever” storage space. Take a picture and toss the yellowing paper.

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