1. I am really focused on getting my soul to be light and bright. To live more through caring and loving than through wanting to put my needs first. It’s a fairly intense journey at times but you’re right, that ego is always pushing into things!

  2. This was incredibly thought-provoking! I watched a video a friend made where she talked about her self-image and who she is. She challenged me to do the same, but I’ve been trying to since the beginning of January, and had no idea how difficult it is to actually figure out who you are at the core.

    • Laurie Stone

      Michael, The two hardest questions for me were about our first name and who are we without a name? I had to think about those a lot. Thanks for reading.

  3. I’m now drawing a blank – – I still blame it on lack of sleep 🙂 – –and who wrote the poem “the invitation.”

    I think of it each time I make an introduction…specially the piece which basically says don’t tell me how you earn a living tell me what sets your heart on fire.

  4. The perfect scrabble word, yes! One that lands on the triple word square and has a “Q”! I am learning to re-engage the child, the playful part. Wonderfully thoughtful questions and post. Thank you for sharing.

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