1. Wow, your family has had 58 Thanksgivings? That really is amazing! I love some of the reasons you listed — never thought about the fact Thanksgiving is inclusive, but it really is. Even if you're from a different country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, it's not an awkward holiday to be a part of. And of course nothing beats a turkey meal!


  2. Laurie ~ just read your Thanksgiving piece for the first time. I always had the exact sentiments: the simplicity (food, family, etc) & the social ‘blending’ that makes this holiday such a treasure for all. Thanksgiving was always MY holiday & celebrating was in my home. My (now ‘ex’) husbands family joined mine (& whoever happened to be orphaned was welcome too)! I had an acute awareness of the inclusiveness as his family was Jewish & mine Irish Catholic. But no matter, on Thanksgiving Joy abounded. Then as parents passed on & tragically , my sister died ~ only a couple of days before the holiday (albeit 7 years ago), then 3 years ago my (ex) husband divorced me it became a time I dreaded. I have my two loving boys (although ones in Army Bootcamp this holiday), and I’ve come a long way in terms of healing from all the sadness I refer to. Yet this time of year is always the most difficult for me. No amount of “evolving”, meditation, yoga, prayer (or for that matter, no amount of Prozac!) can seem to fill that void. I’m left with justifying all the wondrous Thanksgivings I’ve had in the past. And trust me, I treasure them. The memories are almost enough to help me ‘transition’ to some semblance of peace & gratitude. But the tears still come despite the time that has past. I do hope everyone appreciates this holiday as fully as you (& I) do. It’s truly a miraculous time. Thanks for writing & listening !

    PS I’m first cousins w/ Lisa Guyott Cantor ~ I think at some point she must have posted one of your stories and as I’m f/b friends w/her I got to start reading & following you. It’s such a pleasure ~ your stories are always tender & enlightening. Keep writing!

    • Laurie Stone

      Monica, Thanks so much for your kind words and so great meeting you! I’m sorry you’ve had some tough times and hope happy times are coming. I think time does heal and if you love this holiday, it will help you through. Concentrate on what makes you happy. I think that helps us all in the end. All the best. Laurie

  3. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, for all the reasons that you mention – though I did used to decorate like crazy with my pilgrim/indian collection of figurines 🙂 Downsizing cured that.

    • Laurie Stone

      Sharon, Your pilgrim/indian decorations sound so cute! When the kids were little, we’d have cardboard pilgrim hats for the kids. So funny.

  4. Fab post! I’ve always loved Thanksgiving! Football, family (if you have it), and lots of yummy food. A must have…..STRETCHY PANTS! LOL

    Wishing you and yours a Happy One!


    • Laurie Stone

      Antoinette, Good point. I try and be thankful most of the time, although its easier said than done sometimes. The lovely thing about this holiday is it works the “gratitude muscles,” something we all could use.

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