1. Laurie, I must take exception with the delusional notion that you are not a "happening chick" From the day I was blessed to have met you, as I am sure others will attest to, it was apparent you were indeed "happening". Having read your blog (which as always is amazing) I did some research. I found a foundation which publishes a rating of "happening chicks" called the HCI (happening chick index) I'm sure they got your permission for this, but I was smiling when I saw your face as the one to strive for in the HCI! I am proud to know you, love your writings and marvel at the wonderful family you guys have. Miss you and love you.

  2. I discovered I was a technical nerd because I love figuring things out like setting up websites and other online stuff. I guess there are differences between nerds, geeks, weirdos and, dorks. I DO love a good PSB show and have now satisfied my Downton Abby fix with The Crown.

    • Laurie Stone

      Rebecca, OMG. I devoured “The Crown.” Now I’m hooked on the PBS series on Queen Victoria. So wonderful. I love the way you have so many nerd categories. Sounds like a blog post!

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