1. I LOVE this piece!!! Your attitude is great. Love the unexpected aches and twinges you assume are life-threatening – isn't that the TRUTH! Agh – make myself crazy worrying. And love you spotting the beleaguered older woman who turned out to be you – hysterical. You write with truth, insight, and spirit. Thanks for this one! Timely for me…XXOO

  2. When I was about 14 I remember my mother was driving me somewhere, she turned to look at it briefly, and then said: I know you look at me and think I’m old but on the inside I feel exactly your age.
    That has stuck with me since that day and I think about it over 30 years later all the damn time.
    I feel so Young on the inside – – and I hope that never changes.

    • Laurie Stone

      Carla, I think the inside keeps us young. I know people who always feel old inside, and they look it. Attitude is everything.

  3. I have to agree with Haralee. Attitude is a HUGE part of this! I refuse to allow myself to feel like an old lady. At 48, I’m still feeling in my 30’s. Wish I could say the same for my hubs. 🙂

    Thanks girl! Keep at it!


    • Laurie Stone

      Bren, Wait till you hit 60! I was expecting to feel all horrible and old, but surprisingly I feel good. Daily yoga helps a lot. It always has.

    • Laurie Stone

      Roxanne, Thank you so much. I’ve had to learn to slow down a lot over the years. Sometimes its easier than others, but it always helps in the end.

  4. My parents were in their 40’s when they had me, so old has always been a fluid number for me, it’s always been 10 years older than my parents. My mother is 97, so old is now 107. I do find that I’m less self-conscious the older I get, but that doesn’t make me old!

    • Laurie Stone

      Jennifer, I love how old is 107! Perfect. I agree, old is always older than my mother who I still think of as youthful. She’s 82.

  5. Boy, isn’t it the truth?! How we raced through things in our 20’s. I am continually surprised at how happy, confident and COMFORTABLE I am in my 50’s.
    I had a great-great-great aunt who never stopped enjoying life. Even when she was unable to live alone. She chose to move to a nursing home because ‘that’s where all my friends are’!! even though we had a place for her with us. She had a blast those final years -was the ribbon cutter at the towns first McDonalds!
    May we all live like Hattie!

    • Laurie Stone

      Laura, Your great-great-great aunt sounds adorable. Its all about love of life, which doesn’t go away with age. If anything it increases. Thanks for sharing about wonderful Hattie.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday! And many more!

    Great post, good stuff to think about. It’s sort of amazing how the definition of (and expectations for) “middle aged” and “old” have changed in our lifetimes!

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