1. Wise, beautiful reflections, Laurie. It does seem like time is going ever faster, doesn't it? I love fall – it is my favorite season. The goldenrod, the colors, a renewed feeling of activity, Halloween! I love your comparisons and descriptions. Thank you! XO

  2. Ah, lovely. I’m just finishing the results of an end-of-summer greenmarket binge, I was peering at the trees on Foster Avenue for those first signs of fading green, wishing summer would go on a little longer.

    OK technically it goes on until September 23rd, right? But you know what I mean.

    I love summer, I’m never ready for fall.

    And even though I haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in a very long time and work goes on all summer, I still get that primal sense of dismay when I see the first “back to school” display – and they’re doing those in, what, early July now? Come on!

    • Laurie Stone

      Bonnie, I have to say, as much as I love summer, I also love fall. I do not, however, like winter which comes next. Still, the swirling leaves are beautiful.

  3. Fall used to be my beginning, when I was a teacher. Then it was again when I lived in Iowa and knew that autumn chores were on the way. We had 17 oak trees on our property to rake and flower gardens to put to bed. Now I live in Southern California. I MISS FALL. Nothing like a fall in the Midwest.

    • Laurie Stone

      Beth, I can’t imagine life without fall. October here is so beautiful, even though gray November is close behind. I’ve never seen fall in the midwest. I bet its beautiful.

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