1. Anonymous

    I think he is getting your attention… I feed an outside kitty who every so often, will nip my calf–just to show who's boss…

  2. I love my cat, but her eyes are her sorcery. If she wants something (either a lap on which to be petted or food) she glares at you with big, mesmerizing eyes. Your downfall is to look, because once you look, she knows she’s won and she jumps from her perch and prances to her goal. Funny to watch two adults trying to avoid her eyes.

  3. I totally get you! We’ve got two cats – one that is all over us like a rash and drives my husband crazy (she’s like a two year old when we are on the phone!) and the other one basically ignores us – except for 10 mins a day if we’re really blessed. (and she stares at walls – I’ve even seen her staring at our metal backyard fence – maybe she’s contemplating the cosmos too???)

    • Laurie Stone

      Leanne, Laughing. Staring at the metal backyard fence… I don’t think I’ll ask my husband about that. I know what he’d say. Actually I think cats are interesting, intelligent creatures, but I guess the jury’s still out.

  4. I have blood relatives just like this! They are worth my hanging there with, so I think Rocky is too! 😉 I heard an animal expert say one time, “Cats tend to get notions of themselves high above their station in life.” Again, same with my relatives!

  5. Great one, I love your entertaining style of writing !!! I am a doggy person, my ‘Rocky’ is a fluffy long haired chihuahua boy named Gigi, and he is my world. I am minding my neighbor’s 3 kitties twice a year when she goes on holiday. She has got a female ‘Rocky’, a right little adorable cheeky monkey she is. Just like Rocky, as soon as ‘milady’ thinks that’s enough petting for now, she’ll bite you. She looks like the popular Grumpy cat…. miserable moody old girl … and I still love her. You should see my little dog kissing the cats from next door and how they love each other. A life without pets won’t be the same, don’t you think?!

    • Laurie Stone

      Klaudia, I can’t imagine life without pets. In a strange way, I think they humanize us. Your little Gigi sounds adorable and so does the female Rocky!

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