1. OMG, I can totally relate. Every time my husband takes the trash to the dump he comes home with stuff! I’ll admit sometimes it’s perfectly good usable stuff! He found a perfect little stride bike for our toddler! Other times, it’s just more clutter for the yard.
    He likes to keep all remodel scraps and has piles of clothes. I purge regularly! He’s getting used to living cleaner and I’m getting used to letting him keep some of his “treasures”!!! Although now every time he can’t find something, I of course “threw it away!!” (even though I usually didn’t, at least not yet LOL!!) Loved this post!!

    • Laurie Stone

      Oh my God, Carissa, we live in parallel universes. I also get accused of throwing things out… sometimes justly. Thank God we have one of each to balance our marriages out. Can you imagine two pack rats living together? Shiver.

  2. Me too! I find myself going behind him to throw things out lol. I admit at times I throw out too much but with as much as he brings in I kinda have to lol.

    • Laurie Stone

      Heidi, I do the same thing. As Randy’s bringing new stuff in the front door, I’m quietly taking old stuff out the back. I even knew a wonderfully-devious wife who encouraged her husband to take “weekends with the guys” so she could purge the house. Genius.

    • Laurie Stone

      Yes, Linda, you also have a mixed marriage, only in reverse. So interesting. Maybe its true that opposites attract.

  3. I have a great deal of sympathy. I’m slightly untidy, but my wife is a walking disaster area. Somehow, we’ve managed to get used to each other’s ways, but it hasn’t always been easy.

  4. Liv

    LOL…yeah…guilty here too. I’m the pack rat though. Hubs gets annoyed when I keep our older boys clothes for the younger one. Something about it being 8 years before he’ll need them.

    • Laurie Stone

      Liv, So interesting. I’m learning there are lots of female packrats! Its interesting how the opposites seem to marry. Maybe we sense something in the other we need in ourselves?

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