Somebody’s Watching You

We’ve all had times we feel ordinary, even invisible. We feel no one notices. But we’re wrong. Someone is watching all the time. They love us. They’re obsessed with us. They’ve gathered more data than Google, Facebook, or Amazon combined. Have you guessed who? Of course…it’s your dog. Your pooch notices everything about you, even … Read more »

How to Stay Chill in This Insane World

Don’t we all feel turmoil in the air? There’s too much happening, too fast. The planet seems scarier and more chaotic than ever. Yet, there’s one member of my family who always seems, well…calm. She’s my dog, Libby. And here are some coping skills she’s taught me… Live in the Present – Yes, a dog’s … Read more »

How do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

  Okay, her name’s really Libby, but the song from “The Sound of Music” still applies. She’s a darling. She’s a demon. She’s a lamb. Before adopting this terrier, we were warned these were scrappy, feisty, willful little dogs. My husband Randy and I chuckled. How hard can she be?  Sigh.  (Warning: this is not … Read more »

Why Do All Our Dogs Go AWOL?

Yup, we’re “those” people in the neighborhood, the ones who can’t keep their dog in their yard. Why does every canine we own need to escape — if only for an hour — every chance they get? We feed them, house them, walk them, and love them. They love us back, but damn. Is it … Read more »

Can a Cranky Old Cat Survive a Crazy New Dog?

We got her! Our new dog Libby arrived last week and we couldn’t be happier. She’s sweet. She’s little. She’s adorable. She infuses the house with youthful vigor, joy and play. She’s exactly what we wanted. Except there’s one major problem… Our 13 year-old cat Rocky isn’t happy. His world has turned upside down. Rocky’s … Read more »

6 Reasons I Need a Cat…

I have a cat and a dog.  And I love them both.   Yet if I had to make a four-legged Sophie’s choice-like decision, I’d pick the cat.  I know.  It’s not fair.  Our dog Simon works so hard to win my love.  He lets me know when strangers are near.  He wags his tail when … Read more »

What Do I Do With This Dog?

He’s sweet.  He’s kind.  He never holds a grudge.  He takes nothing personally.   He has no ego.   He takes the high road.  No, I’m not talking about spiritualist Eckhart Tolle, but I could be.  My dog Simon is all these things but has one MAJOR flaw that’s driving me insane… Simon is 13 years old … Read more »

Farewell to a Great Friend

I watch him shuffle around the house and know he doesn’t have much time.  I push back the sadness.  There’s nothing left to do.  Simon’s 13 years-old and in constant pain.  His back legs are bent and twisted.  He’s almost blind and deaf.  Still, I look at this dog and hate what I have to do. My son … Read more »

Psycho Kitty… Qu’est-ce que c’est?”

I have a confession to make.  I’m in an abusive relationship.  No, it’s not with my husband, sons or family member.   It’s with my cat. I try and do the right thing with Rocky.  I give him salmon treats and cat nip toys.  I greet him lovingly when he enters the room.  I pat his velvety … Read more »

6 Vital Ways Dogs Make Life Better!

Ever find yourself fighting an epic battle between your heart and head? This happened to me this week when I “accidentally strolled” into our local animal shelter. Yes, I’m already thinking of adopting another dog. What? Didn’t I just go through the sad saga of “putting down” our sweet, old Simon?  I did. But as time passes, I … Read more »

The Night Poopsie Came to Town

None of us know when we’ll be tested in life. Some tests are big. Some are small. A test my husband Randy will never forget came on a June night in 1995 involving several confused neighbors, two police cruisers and a Chihuahua named Poopsie. That late afternoon I’d brought Poopsie home from the pound. Our two … Read more »

Why Is Finding a Dog So Hard?

Ever have one of those dreams where you’re pursuing something, but it keeps disappearing? That’s how I feel about finding my next pooch. Every time I see THE ONE on a shelter website, I come to find it was adopted. Or I’ll visit and there are three dogs left, all the size of mastodons. Recently … Read more »

What Kind of Dog Is That??!! (The Pet Gazette)

  Okay, when they handed out canine beauty, Simon was standing in the wrong line.  He has a German shepherd head, Corgi legs, Terrier fur and Australian cattle dog body.  Name any breed.  It’s in there.   Yet Simon is more than the sum of his parts.  In fact, in his own way, he’s perfect with … Read more »

A Lesson Learned from a Missing Cat

Ever take something for granted? And when you think it might be gone, you realize what you had? This happened to me this week when my cat Rocky disappeared. That’s when I realized something important. Our house feels different without pets…even though they can be challenging. Like our dog Simon who passed recently, Rocky’s old … Read more »

How to Survive The Smallest Terrier-ist

Who knew? We’ve never owned this kind of dog. She’s a Yorkie/Papillion mix with emphasis on Terrier. Apparently, these dogs were bred in England to go down badger, rabbit, and fox holes. This explains a lot. In fact, we’ve had Libby two months and here are 6 sentences I never thought I’d hear myself utter… … Read more »

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