Mexican Diary: Farewell to Paradise

Mexico’s full of long, mysterious dirt roads and this rutted byway is no exception.  Iguanas cross lazily and we have to wait for them like we do geese back home.  Finally we arrive at a clearing and beyond that is Xpu-Ha Beach.  The Caribbean is that electric blue found in sno-cones. The sand is powdery.  The air feels like … Read more »

A Peak in Provence: Part 2

Thursday, June 21, 2012 After breakfast of croissants and coffee, I explore Collobrieres. Around every corner I gasp at huge, medieval wooden doors, thick wrought iron gates, lavender gardens.  I meander down side streets no wider than ten feet.  Red geraniums sit in window boxes, aged wooden shutters lie against rough walls painted in blues, … Read more »

A Peak in Provence: Part 5

Sunday, June 24, 2012 I have an awful confession.  I’m ready to kill the ducks.  Every night there’s some canard catastrophe outside my window where they all quack incessantly like car alarms.  I have no idea what’s happening and don’t begrudge their avian drama, but does it have to be at 3:00 a.m.? This morning I … Read more »

A Peak in Provence: Part 6

  Monday, June 25, 2012   After breakfast I hike into the hills behind town.  I pass wildflowers and the occasional burro.  The roads are steep and curvy but I get to see another part of this world, large houses tucked behind stone walls and wrought iron gates.  Many have expansive patios facing the patchwork … Read more »

I Flunked the Holiday House Tour (Published in “Westport News,” December 2009)

I’ve always had a dicey relationship with Christmas.  In terms of life’s pleasures, its somewhere between magical fantasy and a triathalon.  Dragging a full-grown tree in and out of my home each year, schlepping through endless stores, and hearing loops of Madonna’s ‘Santa Baby’ are slightly more fun than drinking old eggnog.  So last year when … Read more »