Who are You? Three Questions to Ask…

    I love anything that helps me look at life differently.  The other day I happened to catch spiritualist Deepak Chopra on television and heard him ask his audience three questions.  I listened and became fascinated.  They were deceptively simple… #1: What is your full name?  I thought to myself, this is easy.  Deepak explained this … Read more »

Why Can’t I Even Look at This Spooky Place?

This site is rumored to be one of the most haunted in my state, although how could a boarded-up, abandoned hospital complex be anything but?  Roughly 20 buildings stand on this compound in Southwestern Connecticut, most designed with traditional red brick and white columns.  A labyrinth of cement tunnels lies underneath.  The grounds are both stately and creepy.  Even in broad daylight I shiver when I … Read more »