Are You An Easygoing Pack Rat…or Uptight Purger?

You know which category you fall into. It’s rare to find someone who encompasses both. My husband Randy and I are extreme examples of each side, so trust me…I get this. At times, I’ve even wondered if our marriage could survive such challenging, pervasive, and teeth-gnashing differences. Not sure whether you’re packrat or purger? Here … Read more »

Inside the Crazy, Mixed-Up World of Retirement

Life is backwards these days. In what seemed like seconds, I went from many years of my husband Randy away on business (while I stayed home with two kids) to the kids gone and Randy home. We’ve become this interesting hybrid of our bohemian twenties and creaky sixties. Some things I thankfully do less of … Read more »

Is It True? Do Opposites Attract?

My husband Randy and I are a good team. We always have been. And yet, as we’ve both adjusted over the past year to his early retirement — and him being home all the time — I see now how different we are. I’ve even wondered how we managed to survive all these years, still … Read more »

Gulp…Is It Time to Finally Downsize?

I try not thinking of the d-word. Moving is hard enough without that emotional tug. Picking up stakes will be like leaving part of ourselves behind. Yet it’s undeniable. Our house is quieter these days. One son is gone. The other’s a working adult with a life of his own. He’ll be out before we … Read more »

Who Do These Annoying Fembots Think They Are?

I try not to show jealousy. Its only infatuation, I tell myself. Still, she appeared brazenly in my kitchen a few weeks ago, sleek and modern. She makes no secret of the fact she’ll do anything for my husband. “Alexa, play Beethoven,” Randy commands. She lights up at the sound of his voice, a cool … Read more »

If Our Bed Could Talk

Don’t worry, this is not going to be some kinky “tell-all.” But you know when you can’t put something off any longer? That’s how we felt about buying a new bed. After twenty years, the old one was so lumpy and beaten-up, I’m surprised it didn’t leave on its own. We finally roused ourselves and … Read more »

6 Things I Wish I’d Told my Mother-in-Law

Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but the words never came?  Maybe you were embarrassed or got busy but the moment didn’t arrive.  And then it was too late.  And you have regrets.  This happened to me recently.  Here are 6 things I wish I had told Joyce, my mother-in-law.  #1 –You amazed me– From the first moment … Read more »

Can a Husband and Wife Survive in the Same House Day After Day? (Huffington Post) 

It’s happened. My husband Randy now works from home. And I’m glad, truly. He deserves an easier life, having spent the past thirty-five years zooming around the globe on business trips. But now he’s home a lot, everyday. And it’s not bad. It’s just…well, different. In fact, here are the pros and cons for having a husband around most of the time…Read Post

How to Pick a Really Good Husband (Huffington Post)

(2) Comments| Posted February 10, 2016 | 5:17 PM

I came upon my wedding picture recently, taken June 7th, 1980. My husband Randy and I were 23 years old. Thirty-five years ago we knew nothing much except we loved each other. But looking at this young bride, I give her kudos for one thing. She knew how to select…Read Post

How to Stay Married Sixty Years

  My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  I wondered what it’s like going through life with the same person for so long.  The other day I asked their secret.  The answer surprised me. But first, let’s back up.  This story began in 1954 when my 24 year old father stopped to help a middle-aged … Read more »

He Says/She Says: Downsizing Delirium

With thoughts of future moving in our heads, my husband Randy and I face a house that needs serious purging.  I won’t name names but one of us (*cough*) has his work cut out for him in terms of streamlining possessions.  Randy and I recently started preliminary fighting dialogue on three main areas of contention… RANDY’S … Read more »

Left to My Own Devices…

My husband Randy went out of town this week and it occurred to me how things change when he’s away.  Not super-dramatic, but enough to rock the usual rigorous, Swiss-clock precision of the Stone house (ahem.)  And here, in no particular order, are the changes… 1.      Dinners become a joke.  Okay, who am I trying … Read more »

Last Dinner in “Windows on the World”

Randy raised his flute of champagne.  “Happy Anniversary,” he said with a smile.  I raised mine in return.  We touched glasses.  It was June 7th, 2000.  Randy and I sat in “Windows on the World”, the sky top restaurant in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. “I can’t believe we’re 106 stories up,” I … Read more »

The 5 Scariest Things a Woman Can Say During a Fight…

  Any mother with twenty-something year-old sons knows it’s hard watching your guys navigate the baffling world of women.  Females are passive-aggressive, socialized to communicate through nuance, indirection, and subtlety, especially when it comes to conflict. To this end, I’ve given my sons guidelines.  I warned them if a girlfriend says any of the following during … Read more »

Seriously… What Do You Get the Man Who Has Everything? (Huffington Post)

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I’m not being rhetorical here. I need help, people. What do you get the man who has every electronic gadget, device, musical instrument, CD, DVD, wine accessory, wine, article of clothing, and even neon-colored sneakers? This happens every December, the time of year I’m handed one of my biggest life…Read Post

 The Day My Husband Met a Rock Star