Seriously…What Do You Get the Man Who Has Everything?

I’m not being rhetorical here. I need help, people. What do you get the man who has every gadget, device, musical instrument, CD, DVD, wine accessory, wine, article of clothing, and even neon-colored sneakers? This happens every December, the time of year I’m handed one of my biggest life tasks… I must buy a Christmas … Read more »

What Are the 6 Most Beastly Horrors of Women’s Fitting Rooms?

You know you don’t like them. They’re bad places. Mean, awful, humiliating things happen. I usually avoid these cubicles like too-tight panti-hose, but this week I needed something quick. And it only confirmed 6 awful aspects about women’s fitting rooms… The automatic weight gain – How did I put on 25 pounds just walking inside? … Read more »

5 Reasons I Hate Cooking (and the Ingenious Way I Got Out of It)

Ever have something you’re expected to do, but never like? As a wife of 35 years, I’ve resigned myself to bed making, vacuuming and dusting. I get almost Zen-like about folding laundry and emptying wastebaskets. But cooking? It pushes me to my limit for these 5 reasons…  Cooking comes at my tired time of day. … Read more »