How to Spend 2-1/2 Hours in New York City

Ever want to do something just to do it?  Its not practical or useful, but you just need that fix? Recently on a whim my 21-year old son Paul and I decided to have lunch in New York City.  Nothing else.  Just lunch.  I studied Zagat’s guide, picking out Vitae Restaurant on 46th Street, not far from Grand … Read more »

Seriously…What Do You Get the Man Who Has Everything?

I’m not being rhetorical here. I need help, people. What do you get the man who has every gadget, device, musical instrument, CD, DVD, wine accessory, wine, article of clothing, and even neon-colored sneakers? This happens every December, the time of year I’m handed one of my biggest life tasks… I must buy a Christmas … Read more »

3 Things I Wished I’d Told That African American Man

The other day I was in my neighborhood grocery store when I encountered a tall, middle-aged African-American man stocking shelves.  He had a cart full of product and part of it blocked my way.  I looked at him, smiling, saying, “Excuse me.”  He turned and gazed at me, his eyes hard, face tight and unsmiling.  … Read more »

Who is That Man with the Red Bandana?

I see him around town sometimes.  The other day he was in our neighborhood coffee shop where I heard the lady behind the counter call him Ray.  He looks to be in his thirties with brown hair and always wears neatly-pressed khakis and a flannel shirt.  A red bandana is usually tied around his neck.  Whenever I see this … Read more »