1. Still in the throes of middle school here and the last-minute out-the-door mayhem is in full effect every week day morning. I know it’s going to get harder though……the blur of high school and then the silence of an empty nest. I see it on the horizon and it reminds me to hug them a little more and listen when they talk to me.

    • Laurie Stone

      Bryce, Sounds like you have the right idea. It does go blindingly fast, although when you’re in the middle, its hard to keep that perspective.

  2. This post brought tears.
    So many things I miss. I loved being home with all my littles!
    For a while, our youngest daughter and her daughter lived with us and I was once again at the forefront of busses, homework and dinner conversations. But since they moved, it’s Husby and me. Our evenings are quiet and I love that. But I miss those tough, often confusing days of kids and . . . stuff!

    • Laurie Stone

      Diane, When we’re in the thick of it, parenthood is hard to get perspective on. But now with time and distance, little things make me ache with nostalgia.

  3. I do miss Christmas morning. I loved decorating for Christmas and the excitement of my son as he opened his presents. We still get together for Christmas morning, we still have Christmas breakfast but that excitement of old is missing.

  4. Tears. <3 There is a bittersweet feeling when think of my Christmases Future. Of course I love Christmas for the very young and very old, I'm one of those people that I live for the festivities of the holidays!

    • Laurie Stone

      Jess, I’m a Thanksgiving lover. I don’t know why except maybe its just one day, a really good meal, and no gifts. I’ve even gotten more sentimental about Christmas over the years. I see more and more how every holiday is precious.

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