1. Good post. I’m a big basketball fan so right now I’m in the throes of the NBA finals. That’s keeping me distracted for now. And I also tell myself that God’s in charge.

  2. Oh my – I have definitely been on overload lately! I’ve watched more news the last six months than in the last six years! In fact, hubby and I don’t even watch as many movies as we used to because the news is like one big soap opera. Sometimes I have to just turn it off and walk away – but it’s hard because it’s riveting.

    • Laurie Stone

      Shelley, So true! My husband and I watch CNN together, something we never used to do. I wasn’t that interested in cable news… until now. Sigh.

  3. Good post! As a journalist, it caused some withdrawal symptoms when we cut the cable cord. But I find myself much less stressed by having less access to the news.

  4. I definitely get fixated on the news stories. I sometimes have several twitter feeds open, and the news either streaming live on the internet, or watching it on tv. It’s a good idea to just stop and look outside and enjoy what God made for awhile instead.

    • Laurie Stone

      Brenda, For me, nature puts everything in perspective. It shows that life goes on, no matter what happens in our human world.

  5. Good Advise! I think I am coming under the cloud or news fatigue. It is getting more difficult for me to become outraged or even care. Time to stop watching for sure.

    • Laurie Stone

      Haralee, I think that’s another symptom of news fatigue — you stop caring as much. After a while, it all becomes overwhelming. Good point.

  6. Oh yes. I am not a news junkie. Probably the opposite. Could be in better touch with what’s going on. But, I can’t stand the constant focus on all that is wrong–nothing that is right. When my sister comes to visit, she insists on watching morning and evening news. And it shows in her disposition:).

  7. I don’t watch the TV news any more – it just drags me down and reminds me of how out of control our world is. I get snippets off what’s trending on the side of Facebook and have a quick read if I really want to – otherwise I’ll stay in my bubble of avoidance!

    • Laurie Stone

      Leanne, I think that’s very smart. You’re right about having no control and that’s what’s hardest about watching. Meanwhile, there’s a beautiful, natural world out there to escape to. It brings me peace.

  8. We are actually addicted to the news channel I think Laurie and sometimes I wonder why I’m even watching it. I rather like your idea of watching nature – much healthier and appealing. To me the news is so negative and appears to be one sided these days especially about politics. Living in Australia I used to think our reporters were very fair in their views but not these days unfortunately. It is becoming more difficult to have a calm debate on issues.

    • Laurie Stone

      Sue, I think of Australia as one of those cool places to live, even politically. Oh well. Maybe there’s no such country. We’ll commiserate together.

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