1. This is a chilling way to begin a new year. I try to remember every day that life is short and we should enjoy each moment completely. Thanks for sharing…my husband would love a New Year’s Eve party like this…with all of the musicians.

    • Laurie Stone

      Pamela, It was chilling, but thank God it had a happy ending. I think it made everyone realize how lucky we all are.

  2. Glad everyone is OK. Working at a hospital, I’m often presented with these types of situations – the ones that really make you sit back and think about things. On another note, I want to come hang out in your basement, lol. Sounds great!

    • Laurie Stone

      Jeremy, Come over anytime! Our basement is always hopping. I can’t imagine working at a hospital and seeing what you see. I’m not sure I’d have the strength. I’m always grateful for those that do.

  3. joan

    When my children are in their own homes I stop bolting up when I hear a siren. I am still tuned into the shrill whir in my head as I go about my day hoping and praying about the people who may be in trouble.

    I’ll never shake that fear. So glad your boys walked away– yes, a miracle.

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks so much, Joan. I do the same thing with sirens. I hear them and immediately try and place where everyone is, whether they’re on the road or not. Some things never change. Miss you!

  4. I’m glad the young men were not badly hurt and that your son was spared. I hope the instigator heals up too (and refrains from drinking and driving — or driving when exhausted). Scary stuff.

    • Laurie Stone

      Karen, What scared me is how fast life can change, in an instant. It makes every little complaint I have seem petty.

  5. Thank goodness they are safe! It is always a blessing to give yourself “permission to enjoy life” and to be grateful for “the people we hold dear.” Sometimes we need to be reminded of the of the goodness that is all around us.

  6. So true that we always need to count our blessings. So glad they are safe. We have to go on living and not fear every car trip, airplane ride etc But it can be hard. We had a leaky roof during Christmas and now face roof repair and ceiling repair and bills for stuff that we had not anticipated. But I remind myself these are minor things. Today everyone in the family is okay. That’s blessings by the hour.

    • Laurie Stone

      Beth, I think its hard to stay in a state of always counting our blessings, until an event comes along that reminds us how lucky (and fragile) we really are. But you’re right, we can’t go around fearing. I guess we need a healthy dose of fatalism.

  7. Susan

    What a terrifying, “There but for the grace of God…” moment that must have been for all of you! I am so relieved to hear this happy ending!!! Happy happy New Years indeed!

  8. Judi Back

    So fortunate for all~~I am so grateful for all of the families and believe
    in “Godwinks” which have helped many~~~

  9. Late to the party and what else is new? I’m so glad it was only a scare and as they say, a wake- up call to examine important things we have. Amazing how fate works and the mysteries which surround us. Your story has given me positive things to examine and so I say, thank you, Laurie.

    • Laurie Stone

      Helen, We all have moments that bring us up short in life. I’m so thankful this had a happy ending. Its made me see things differently.

  10. Such things certainly give a person reason to pause and consider, but perhaps that is not all bad? Surely taking a few moments here and there, particularly at the start of a brand new year, to consider how precious our lives, and indeed, all lives are, is a good thing. Your story reminded me of another that did not end so well. In days of yore…when my bother and I were teens, before the time of air bags and mandatory use of seat belts, two of my brothers best friends left a party and soon after smashed into a bridge abutment (icy highway conditions) and were both killed. My brother took it very hard, in fact, he had been invited to go with them, but he had begged off because he simply wanted to go home and sleep. He was very lucky, but that accident where he lost two of his best friends haunted him for a very long time.

    • Laurie Stone

      Carol, I get shivers just hearing that. Yes, if anything had happened to Andrew and Nick (my son’s best friends) he would’ve been affected for a very long time. Thank God we were all lucky.

  11. I’m so glad they were OK! A friend’s son was recently hit by a driver who fled the scene. A good Samaritan followed the car to get the license plate #. Turned out to be a man driving on a suspended license. Other than my friend’s car being totaled, the boys were ok. It IS scary. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

    • Laurie Stone

      Kristine, It really shook me, although everything was fine. You’re right, things can change in one second. We’re much more fragile than we know.

  12. I’ve had a similar wake-up call in the last week. It truly is scary. And we really do not know when things can change. Giving ourselves permission to enjoy life…now that’s something I do need to do. I’m so worried about losing it, I forget to enjoy it while we’re here. So glad everyone walked away. 🙂

    • Laurie Stone

      Pam, Good point. Sometimes we try and play it so safe, we lose the fun of life. Its a hard balance. I’m sorry about your similar wake-up call. I hope it had a happy ending.

  13. It is jolting to have such an event enter a fun filled weekend and your points are well taken, Laurie, to treasure the people in our lives. You don’t want to dwell on the ‘what if’s’ all the time and ruin the present moment, but it is good not to take people for granted and to continually be grateful for them. Might even help smooth out rough patches in relationships, when you think about how temporary they all are. Glad everyone was okay!

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