1. Siri got snippy with me once after I swore a blue streak at her. “I’m sorry, Lee, I was only trying to be helpful,” she replied in her most sarcastic fembot voice. I’ve been really careful around her since. 😉

  2. Ha! I hear ya Laurie! I’m in favor of a manbot, too. Liam Neeson is a good choice for voice…hmmmm….so is Sam Heughan. I can nearly picture it. Me melting every time my device speaks to me like Jamie Fraser…LOL

    • Laurie Stone

      Peggy, Yes, I feel there’s a great, untapped market for men-bots. Women can have all the fun of male companionship without breaking any wedding vows! Something to consider.

  3. Yes, we should be given the option for a male or female voice when we succumb to bringing this technology into our lives! I’d opt to hear Sean Connery or Alan Rickman responding to my requests…

  4. I took my husband’s GPS and put in the voice of a porn star one time. You should have heard it! It was hilarious. Every turn sounded like an orgasm. Hubby almost rear-ended a semi so I had to change it hahahaha! I love the manbot and Liam Neeson yum!

  5. What a great post! I Love it. I know the GPS fembot can indeed be a “threat”, especially since most men will NOT read ( or follow) written directions or read a map, but they WILL drool over the GPS…even when it gets them lost! ( Yeah…my brother got lost and missed his international flight once, when the GPS fembot lead him to the wrong area of an international airport for check-in. He couldn’t get another international flight out to the destination for 3 days. LOL.

    • Laurie Stone

      Darlene, Laughing. Once our GPS chick almost had us drive into a lake! Of course, Randy would never blame her. She can do no wrong. Sigh. What can you do?

  6. We got the Google Home, which sounds more professional than Siri or Alexa. But she still doesn’t understand all the directions or questions and we willingly turned on a device that is collecting data on us. Go figure.

    • Laurie Stone

      Jennifer, I get a shiver when I think that all these devices collect data. Thank God we’re so boring… at least we hope!

    • Laurie Stone

      Lisa, I think she was the beginning. I can’t help but wonder if we’ll have Rosie’s in all our future houses!

  7. When Siri first came out, there was a male alternative, and British, no less! Unfortunately, when I asked him things, he gave me British answers. I like your Manbot. I want one too!

    • Laurie Stone

      Shari, I think I could dig that male British accent. Will have to look into that. I hear the Australian accent is sexy too.

  8. Just this afternoon, Siri gave me driving instructions that were clearly stupid. I knew where I was going so I took my usual route and made her keep recalibrating. Ah, the simple pleasures of pissing off your driving maps!

    • Laurie Stone

      Linda, There are times I couldn’t live without Siri and other times she makes no sense. I never know what “mood” she’ll be in.

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