• Laurie Stone

      Lee, Its a strange trio, but there you have it. Thanks so much for reading. Your comments could be blog posts in themselves!

  1. That’s crazy that so many people you knew were listening and recognized his voice!

    Does Stern still talk like that? “Old lady” and terms like that? Seems like it might have flown in 1990 a lot more than, say, 2016!

    • Laurie Stone

      Nasreen, Oh yeah, Stern definitely talked like that and probably still does. That’s his generation. We were also shocked that so many people recognized Randy’s voice! Not expecting it at all.

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Laurie, great story! I’ve been listening to Howard daily since the mid-90s when his show came to Philly. So probably after your husband’s call. Too funny!

  3. joan

    Fun ride, Laurie. The scare, a husband’s nervous spilling of a precious secret to his longtime radio pursuit, the recognition of his voice on, of all things on an irreverent show. Wonderful. And then, your ironic relief, not anger, and all economically spooled out to us. Really terrific! This is your go to genre. Just wonderful.

    • Laurie Stone

      I was ready to kill him, but once the secret was out, I did feel a strange relief. I read this over, though, and wonder why I wasn’t more mad. Funny!

    • Laurie Stone

      Laurie, I agree, Howard was meant to be. The day went from potentially horrible to joyful. I’ll always be grateful.

    • Laurie Stone

      Christina, I didn’t but should’ve. Oh well, its been told so many times over the years, its now legend.

  4. I was not a Howard Stern fan HOWEVER one of my part-time gigs when I loved in NYC, ironically, involved listening to his show and typing summaries of it. Go figure! Glad to hear of your happy ending.

    • Laurie Stone

      Paula, What a wild job! I have to admit, I’ll still listen to him here and there. He’s a good interviewer and can be very funny. When it becomes too much of an immature boys’ club is when he loses me.

  5. I’ll share my first pregnancy story–which could actually prompt me to write a blog post about this. Back in 1983 I gave birth to my first child. He came in at ten pounds and I delivered him vaginally without meds because I was too scared to take anything. When I first laid eyes upon him, my reaction was “ohhhh am I ok”. The nurse, very disturbed, looked at me and told me my son was healthy.
    Flashback to when I found out I was pregnant.
    I was a user of the infamous diaphram. I didn’t use birth control pills because I’m a bitch and my train of thought was “phuck it–let HIM put hormones in his body”. And so, I used the diaphram.
    Now..I remember getting all crampy and but no period. This had me, a hypochondriac, very scared. My imagination had me thinking a tumor was growing inside me and blocking the sanguine liquid known as my period, to burst through my love canal.
    Two weeks later, cramps but no period. I used a diaphram, for god’s sake, so surely I couldn’t be pregnant. I was dying.
    One of my ex-husbands best friends was a resident at NY’s Columbia Presbyterian hospital and since I have no modesty, I went to see him. Crying that my life was ending.
    After about a half hour of my dramatics, Larry started laughing and told me I was an asshole because I was pregnant. And that was probably the most unromantic pregnancy story of all time.
    But I’ll tell you, the birth of my son was the happiest day of my life–and so were the births of my other son and my daughter!

    • Laurie Stone

      Catherine, I remember using a diaphragm too, although without the side effects you had to suffer through. So glad everything turned out okay. Yes, going from thinking you have a tumor to having a beautiful baby is certainly a happy ending! So nice you had two more children to round out the deal.

  6. I don’t have a funny pregnancy story, but the birth OMG! Husband passes out while ripping my IV’s out of my arm, and busting the anesthesiologist in the nose as he fell backward. Yeah, I have THAT husband!

    • Laurie Stone

      Rena, Although I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, it is now! Hope you blog about this. I’d love to get the entire story. Did your husband ever live it down?

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