1. I love watching the Olympics and the achievements of all the competitors. Sure not everyone can win but I love the Opening Ceremony with its sense of excitement and anticipation. Everyone is happy and as one enjoying the moment.

  2. “… the color gold is fleeting, found briefly on a fall leaf or a beautiful sunset. Gold appears, but never lasts.

    For me, the Olympics are like those special times. They teach us what we’re capable of, if only for a glimpse.”

    Your words and the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson really capture the Olympics.

    This was a wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. I am always in awe of the talent I see during the Olympics from participants in every country. But I am especially proud of the USA this year. We needed this uplifting competition in the midst of all the political turmoil we’re experiencing. Great post!

    • Laurie Stone

      Good point, Marcia. Living through this election alone should be worthy of a gold medal. Thanks so much for reading.

  4. I admit to tearing up on the treadmill when Michael Phelps won and then went to hold his baby:). I love that the world is focused on something inspirational rather than the usual trash TV:).

    • Laurie Stone

      Well said. I love that for even a little while, the world has something joyful and inspiration to focus on. Thanks for reading!

  5. Love this beautiful post. Laurie! I adore the Olympics, but before they started this year, I felt some indifference. I missed the opening ceremony (out of town last weekend). Got home Monday and started watching swimming and gymnastics and got hooked AND inspired. Like you, I wrote a blog post and another one is scheduled this week both in honor of the summer games! I wish there were more posts about these inspiring athletes. Thanks for posting this!

    • Laurie Stone

      Terri, thanks so much. I always start out indifferent and get totally hooked into the athletes and their stories. Looking forward to reading your post! I’ll check out your first one.

  6. I like the Olympics too, and I agree with you about the former enemies competing now as friends. I liked the bit about the sheepdog / wolf cartoon too. I’d forgotten all about that until you mentioned it. I have a vague feeling one of them was called Ralph, but I may be wrong about that. 🙂

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