1. This is beautiful. Hubby calls me a Scrooge every year, but I’m not. I don’t love all of the Christmas things he thinks of as Christmas, but I love the spirit of it like what you write about.

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks Heather. I think the material aspect turns me off. But I hear a song like “Happy Christmas” and it brings me back to what its all about. Thanks for reading.

  2. What a lovely and evocative post! And I’m with Heather…I don’t subscribe to the cliches, but there is so much meaning to be found this time of year.

    I was a freshman in college when John Lennon was shot and there was a girl in my dorm who was dating a guy named John Lennon. When the news came on the TV, she wasn’t able to discern the difference for about 15 minutes…I will never forget that.

    • Laurie Stone

      How scary for the girl dating John Lennon. And you’re right, there is much meaning this time of year, especially since its the end of one and beginning of another.

  3. Funny…because I’ve been listening to a lot of John Lennon recently. I seem to at Christmas time…so much wisdom and heartfelt. Brings memories for me through the years too… Have a Happy Holiday.

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks so much, Karen. Of all the holiday songs out there, that one gets me every time. Its puts things in perspective. Thanks for reading.

  4. A beautiful post for a beautiful song. Sorry there’s been so much death in your year, but I hope that 2016 holds untold joy for you and yours, and far, far less war than there has been so far.

  5. I was in London the day he died. It was also the week everyone was left hanging until the next season as to Who Shot JR? on “Dallas?” When our London cabbie found out my husband and I were from Texas, he pulled over and wanted to know why anyone would want to shoot John Lennon or JR? It was a long conversation. Brenda

    • Laurie Stone

      Wow, I can’t imagine being in London when he died. What a sad time. I couldn’t imagine the world going on without Lennon. We all loved him so much.

  6. Beautiful post, Laurie. I love how you don’t just hear the melody, but you let the words penetrate. For me it’s Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing “Little Drummer Boy/ Peace on Earth” and “I Believe in Father Christmas” by Greg Lake.
    “I wish you a hopeful Christmas,
    I wish you a brave New Year,
    All anguish, pain, and sadness,
    Leave your heart and let your road be clear.”

    We have scaled down our Christmas to the point where it is stress-free. If we decide to put up a tree we put one up. If not, no problem. We stopped exchanging gifts with anyone over the age of 18 or over 5 feet tall, but we will happily make a donation to the selected charity of a family member if they would like. For me, it’s the simple things like hearing those songs, and their messages, that make the holiday season complete.

    • Laurie Stone

      Karen, For years I’ve wanted to give gifts only to children and the needy at Christmas. It hasn’t gone over yet, but still working on it.

  7. I think the song resonates with a lot of us in a similar way. I was in my first year at high school the day he was shot. It was all anybody talked about for the next month. I do sometimes wonder what other marvelous songs the world was robbed of on that day.

    • Laurie Stone

      Lisa, This song has always touched me. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without it. I agree, life is full of both good and bad. That never changes.

    • Laurie Stone

      Haralee, He was part of our generation growing up. I remember wondering how the world would still spin without John Lennon. And yet so many decades later, here we are.

  8. Husby and I play Santa and Mrs. and getting out the costumes to the Boney M Christmas album or Muppet Christmas Carol album (you heard me right) always does it for me.

    • Laurie Stone

      Diane, I read that wonderful post about you and your husband as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. How adorable you both are. If we lived closer (I live in CT), I’d come visit!

  9. Laurie, this is a lovely, lovely post. Your heart is full in this email and it just makes me feel good about the season. Christmas is about hope and it’s about the words of a man like John Lennon who stood outside the norm to express his views and to shake some of us awake. I wish he were here still–I know he would be doing an awful lot of shaking and singing. My brother is in the music business and has an original John Lennon drawing. He still mourns him.

    • Laurie Stone

      Beth, OMG, your brother has one of his drawings? How cool is that. Yes, John was taken too soon. I can only imagine what he’d think of our country today. Shudder.

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