• Laurie Stone

      It will be love at first sight. I’ll know our dog when I see him… or preferably her. I’m surrounded by males in my house!

  1. We thought long and hard before we got a boxer and he’s a darling. Just last week I rescued a little female Indian breed pup and she’s presently running circles around us and Pablo, but no one is complaining. Your dog will find you! 🙂

  2. Lea Sylvestro

    It DOES sound like a tough search…so hard to walk away from all of those hopeful, please-take-me eyes! Yes, a holiday break sounds like a good idea, but good luck when you get back on the trail!

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks Lea. I know, those hopeful eyes do me in! I’ll guess I’ll chill and hope the universe sends me my dog.

  3. Patty Erikson

    my friend works at a shelter- maybe she can keep her eyes open for your wishes 🙂 also- if you search the AKC breeder individual websites, they may have dogs that are 1-3 yrs old and are alot cheaper than the pups- plus they are potty-trained and more–good luck!

  4. When your new dog chooses you, you won’t have much a choice. I believe that each cat I have had picked me instead of the other way around. I can’t wait to see who picks you!

    • Laurie Stone

      Karen, I also feel my cats picked me! There was always that kitty who poked their paw out of the cage and touched me or started playing. That was usually the one I chose and never regretted it.

  5. I adore this so much. We have gone from breeders – – black lab and a ull mastiff – – to rescuing to becoming dog parents to canines friends could no longer care for and each one has been such a different yet rewarding experience.

    • Laurie Stone

      Carla, That’s such a wonderful, kind thing to do for animals. I’m always grateful to people who dedicate their lives to helping our furry friends. Thank you!

  6. We have an 11 year old cockapoo we adopted from a shelter when he was 6 months old. (I think tomorrow, I’ll share my post about his back story). Basically, I had promised my son we could get a dog when I started working from home, Even though he was about to start his senior year of high school, he held me to my promise. We walked into the SPCA, and Dino was being “returned” at the other end of the counter. I immediately blurted out, “We’ll take him.” My son was flabbergasted, “Aren’t we going to look at any other dogs?” “No!”. There was still some puppy rambunctiousness and the assurance that he was housebroken was, shall we say, hyperbolic, but my husband and I are happy to have him for our empty nest—-most of the time. Check out http://www.petfinders.com It’s a rescue site where you can specify location, breed(ish) and age.

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks so much, Suzanne. I’m happy to report a few months ago we adopted Libby, part Yorkie, part Papillon. This post is a little dated, but knew many could relate. So happy you found Dino… and he found you.

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