1. Loved this! I have a bevy of college girlfriends in town for the weekend. Some of us have kept in constant contact. Some of us haven’t seen each other for 25 years.

    Within that group, there are friends who then fall into subgroups – the wise, the glamorous, the funny. I just realized how hard it is to wait to see them!

    • Laurie Stone


      Isn’t it funny how you can pick right up with certain people, like no time has passed? That’s the mark of a true friend.

  2. What a great post, Laurie. I wrote a post for HuffPost back in May about the difficulty in making friends as an adult. I like to think I am 7 of the 8 (2-8) friends listed above to my current friends, and all 8 to a new friend! Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Laurie Stone

      Thanks so much, Valerie. So many girlfriends fall into most (if not all) categories. How lucky we are to have them.

  3. I have great girlfriends. While it gets more difficult to make friends the older we get, I make an effort to get to know smart, interesting women. What would we do without our girlfriends? Brenda

  4. I love this! One thing that I’ve always tried to do is keep the friends who bring value to my life. From sharing memories to laughing. This list is basically “how to have the most dynamic friendship groups that is completely necessary” haha

  5. It’s so true that we need all these type of friends to help us along in life. We are truly blessed when these woman are in are lives. I love how you put them into friends types and how some can fit into many if not all categories.

  6. I love this! Girlfriends are SO important on so many levels. My 2 college roommates and I go on a “moms trip” every other year and we’ve been doing it for about 12 years now. The best part? We live in 3 different states (Calif, Georgia, and Michigan) and MAKE it happen by saving our change for 2 years and letting our husbands know that we all need this mental health time. 🙂

    • Laurie Stone

      I love female-only trips. They’re so different from husband trips. Both are fun, but there’s something more freeing in being with the girls. (Don’t tell my husband).

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