5 Reasons I Hate Cooking (and the Ingenious Way I Got Out of It)

Ever have something you’re expected to do, but never like? As a wife of 35 years, I’ve resigned myself to bed making, vacuuming and dusting. I get almost Zen-like about folding laundry and emptying wastebaskets. But cooking? It pushes me to my limit for these 5 reasons…  Cooking comes at my tired time of day. … Read more »

6 Ways Dogs Make Life So Much Better

Ever find yourself fighting an epic battle between your heart and head? This happened to me this week when I accidentally strolled into our local animal shelter. Yes, I’m thinking of adopting another dog.  And yes, I just went through the sad saga of “putting down” my sweet, old canine Simon. And yes, dogs can be pains.  But … Read more »