What Are 3 Things I Wished I’d Told That African American Man?

The other day I was in my neighborhood grocery store when I encountered a tall, middle-aged African-American man stocking shelves.  He had a cart full of product and part of it blocked my way.  I looked at him, smiling, saying, “Excuse me.”  He turned and gazed at me, his eyes hard, face tight and unsmiling.  … Read more »

What Are The 5 Scariest Things a Woman Can Say During a Fight?

  Any mother with twenty-something year-old sons knows it’s hard watching your guys navigate the baffling world of women.  Females are passive-aggressive, socialized to communicate through nuance, indirection, and subtlety, especially when it comes to conflict. To this end, I’ve given my sons guidelines.  I warned them if a girlfriend says any of the following during … Read more »