I Can’t Even Look at This Place… Shiver

This site is rumored to be one of the most haunted in my state, although how could a boarded-up, abandoned hospital complex be anything but?  Roughly 20 buildings stand on this compound in Southwestern Connecticut, most designed with traditional red brick and white columns.  A labyrinth of cement tunnels lies underneath.  The grounds are both stately and creepy.  Even in broad daylight I shiver when I drive by. 
 An intrepid young friend of mine recently gained access.  Braver than I could ever be, she explored the shadowy interiors, snapping pictures and sharing what it felt like to be in this cavernous facility once teeming with 4000 patients.  Underneath each photo is her narration…  

“My first impression was surprise that despite the fact these buildings have been abandoned for over 20 years, none of them have been demolished. Once I parked and began looking around, I noticed that even with their grand and intricate designs, they were in very bad shape. Most of the windows were broken, all of the doors boarded up with rotting wood. Underground entrances were flooded.”

“I tried to transport myself to the past, imagining what it must have been like to live or work there.”

“Occasionally I heard soft sounds, but I attributed that to the building “settling” and wasn’t  alarmed.”
“Getting an inside look at what the patients must have gone through, and the feeling of suffering associated with the building was powerful and scary.” 
 “The  insides have the same distinct odor of damp mold and asbestos. I made sure to wrap my face with a scarf to avoid getting sick.”  
“It felt strange being there, difficult to explain. I felt as though I was invading someone else’s private space (even though it was abandoned), and the feeling it gave was creepy.” 
“The eeriest part was when we were inside the residential facility. The nurse quarters still had computers and patient records scattered across the floor. Some of the beds still had mattresses.”
I can’t help wonder, once the staff knew they were leaving, did they just want out?  Did no one want to go back and put things in order?  Can’t say I blame them.  Is there such a thing as haunted places?  Or is it just human imagination?  Whatever the case, there are spaces that raise our hackles.  We sense something we can’t see, but what is it?  Bad energy?  Psychic movement?  The world beyond?  Or it merely a spooky place?Something to ponder on this day devoted to goose bumps, shivers and creepy feelings.  Do you have a favorite eerie place?  I’d love to hear and thank you for reading.


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