I Can’t Even Look at This Place… Shiver

This site is rumored to be one of the most haunted in my state, although how could a boarded-up, abandoned hospital complex be anything but?  Roughly 20 buildings stand on this compound in Southwestern Connecticut, most designed with traditional red brick and white columns.  A labyrinth of cement tunnels lies underneath.  The grounds are both stately and creepy.  Even in broad daylight I shiver when I … Read more »

Why Was it so Poignant Visiting My Texan Mother-in-Law This Time?

This week my husband Randy, sons Patrick and Paul and I went to Houston to visit Joyce, my mother-in-law, now in her senior years. I’ve always loved Texas with its flat plains, barbecue restaurants and honkytonk music, so different from leafy, hilly, Yankee Connecticut. Joyce’s cozy home is in the West University area, filled with pictures of her sons, grandsons, late husband … Read more »

What Are The Top Five Songs of All Time?

On Facebook this week, friends challenged each other to come up with their top ten albums.  No easy task, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized individual songs stick with me most.  Although each album listed is fantastic, they all contain one track that moved, changed, or influenced my life.  Here they are in no particular order… … Read more »

What do I do With This Unexpected Visitor?

This is what I found standing on my deck the other day.  Before writing this post, I googled whether this is a hawk or falcon or God knows what and after exhaustive research (ahem) came to the conclusion this is a hawk.  (If I’m wrong, please let me know). Whatever the case, in all my years in Connecticut, I’ve never seen a raptor … Read more »