I Flunked the Holiday House Tour (Published in “Westport News,” December 2009)

I’ve always had a dicey relationship with Christmas.  In terms of life’s pleasures, its somewhere between magical fantasy and a triathalon.  Dragging a full-grown tree in and out of my home each year, schlepping through endless stores, and hearing loops of Madonna’s ‘Santa Baby’ are slightly more fun than drinking old eggnog.  So last year when … Read more »

“Just One More Thing” (Second Place Winner, Summer Fiction Contest, Connecticut Muse Magazine, 2007)

“Both cops looked to be a few years younger than Susan, maybe in their mid-thirties.  They stood on her doorstep.  The taller one asked if her husband was home and when she said no, he produced a search warrant and asked if they could come in.  “Of course,” she answered. They were big men and … Read more »