Confessions of a Soccer Mom (Published in “Easton Courier,” December 1999)

At the start of each soccer season I take the same vow.  I will cheerfully bring my child to every practice.  I will cheerfully attend every game, no matter how early, no matter how cold and drizzly, no matter how much I’d rather be under the covers.  I’ll cheerfully grin and bear that picture day … Read more »

Why I Like Being a Mom (Published in “County Kids Magazine,” 1992)

I know what you’re thinking.  Here’s another preachy new parent about to tell me how her kid changed her life.  Believe me, I thought the same thing.  When our friends came over, zealous gleams in their eye, laden with babies, diaper bags, strollers, infant seats and other tonnage, my husband and I cringed.   Then something … Read more »