Can a Husband and Wife Survive in the Same House Day After Day?


So happy to be published in the Huffington Post this week…

It’s happened. My husband Randy now works from home. And I’m glad, truly. He deserves an easier life, having spent the past thirty-five years zooming around the globe on business trips. But now he’s home a lot, everyday. And it’s not bad. It’s just…well, different. In fact, here are the pros and cons for having a husband around most of the time…continued

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Waving Goodbye to my Father


Hi everyone,  April is national Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month.  The essay below, published in the Huffington Post, is dedicated to my father.

On a bright, cloudless day in September 1983 I stood on the deck of the Queen Elizabeth 2, waving goodbye to no one in particular. I was 26-years-old and all around people threw streamers and shouted farewell to loved ones on the Manhattan pier below. Since this was a business trip, I assumed nobody would be there to see me off.  I was wrong…


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Can a Cranky Old Cat Survive a Crazy New Dog?


We got her! Our new dog Libby arrived last week and we couldn’t be happier. She’s sweet. She’s little. She’s adorable. She infuses the house with youthful vigor, joy and play. She’s exactly what we wanted. Except there’s one major problem… Our 13 year-old cat Rocky isn’t happy. His world has turned upside down. Rocky’s … Read more »